28 September 2011

Please Urge Dolphin Base (Taiji, Japan) to Care for Sick Dolphin!

(10 October 2011) via Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians:
"There is no visible change in the sick dolphin's condition we've been monitoring, at the Dolphin Base resort. On rare occasion that he does jump out of the water, you can clearly see how skinny he has become."

The visibly thin dolphin at Dolphin Base resort
The visibly thin dolphin at Dolphin Base resort
photo: John Legg

(30 September 2011) via Save Misty The Dolphin:
The sick dolphin remains int the seapens at Dolphin Base. He (or she) has been nicknamed "Jiyu" which means FREEDOM in Japanese...

(28 September 2011):
It had came to my attention that there is a sick and suffering dolphin at Dolphin Base, Taiji, Japan.

The trainers have to tubefeed the dolphin but they deny that the dolphin is sick! Moreover, the dolphin has opened sores on his tail and the trainers have to treat it with injections and antiseptic spray. Obviously the dolphin is sick, injured and suffering. Leaving the dolphin without proper veterinary attention is pure torture.

Kindly help this poor dolphin. Please ask Dolphin Base to move this sick and injured dolphin to a bigger and better living condition, with qualified veterinary treatment. Don't let him suffer any more...

Email to: info@dolphinbase.co.jp or info@dolphinresort.jp

Via Steven Thomson:
Email Dolphin Base: "Please care for the sick dolphin"
In Japanese: "病気のイルカの世話をしてください。あなたに感謝"

Sick dolphin spyhopping nonstop at Dolphin Resort
Sick dolphin spyhopping nonstop atDolphin Resort


27 September 2011

Please ask Mastercard NOT to Support Dolphin Exploitation!

(29 September 2011)
My reply from Mastercard: their "current alliance with RWS does not include Marine Life Park and Mastercard has no intention to undertake any promotions with the attraction when it opens next year."

(4 October 2011)
Ric O'Barry and ACRES had also confirmed the above during the Dialogue Session held on 4 October 2011.

(27 September 2011)
Mastercard is offering its members discounted tickets to Universal Studios at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) in Singapore, the very organisation that had bought 27 wild-caught bottlenose dolphins from the Solomon Islands. At least two of the dolphins had died and the remaining dolphins are currently being confined in Philippines, being forced to get used to human and being trained to do tricks for dead fish. And finally, the stressful transportation to Singapore, whereby they are subjected to lifetime imprisonment and slow death.

Captivity is very cruel to dolphins. It is abuse. It is exploitation, even if it is being covered up under conservation. The free-ranging dolphins are still being imprisoned in tank, less than 1% of their home - the vast ocean.

Kindly help the remaining dolphins by contacting the representatives of Mastercard and ask them (politely) to end their promotion with RWS, or any facility that have dolphins in captivity!

Contacts of Mastercard representatives:

Group Exec, WW Comm

Chris Monteiro



VP, WW Global Sponsorships

Michael Robichaud



Dir Global Media & New Channels

Sharon Hamilton



Please sign the petition ask Mastercard to stop supporting live dolphin trade

11 September 2011

Don't Go to a Dolphin Show or Swim-with-Dolphin Program!

With the hunting, slaughtering and capturing of dolphins still going on in Taiji, Japan, as well as other part of the world, we ought to realise and agree that dolphin captivity contributes greatly to dolphin hunting and slaughtering. Dolphin captivity is the very reason that in such modern time, such brutal and senseless act is still going on! What could we all do to stop these insane act of hunting and slaughtering these beautiful and highly intelligent being?

Do Not Go to a Dolphin Show!
By not supporting any theme park, attraction or facility with captivated dolphins, we are sending a very strong message to the very organisation that we do not tolerate such unethical and immoral act (of using wild animals, that do not thrive in captivity, to make profits!). We will not stop until the organisation is free from all dolphins! When the demand stops, supply stops!

And please take some time to read the following article "Violent Dolphin Capture Caught on Video" (http://blog.seattlepi.com/candacewhiting/2011/09/10/violent-dolphin-capture-caught-on-video) and watch the video "Taiji Why? - Follow the Money".

By going to a Dolphin Show or Swim-with-Dolphin program, you too are contributing to the brutal and senseless hunting and slaughtering of dolphins - a very slow and painful death, that is going on every year, not only in Taiji, not only in Japan, but also other part of the world!

I quote from the leaflet: "Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT)" done by Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) (http://www.wdcs.org/submissions_bin/datleaflet.pdf)

"it is not only ineffective as a therapeutic intervention but could be harmful to human participants and dolphins alike."

"using captive or wild dolphins expose all particpants to serious risk of physical harm and potential risks to health."

So please, do not go to any theme park, attraction or facility with captivated dolphins! There is absolutely no educational value in it and it does do more harm than good (to human and dolphins alike).

Please support these causes:
Stop Dolphin Abuse by Stopping "Swim-with-Dolphins" Programs!

Take the Pledge Not to Buy a Ticket to A Dolphin Show

10 September 2011

From Dolphin Hunter to Dolphin Saviour

From dolphin hunting to dolphin watching, there is this one great man that we should all support. He is Izumi Ishii-san from Futo, Japan. Izumi Ishii-san was once a dolphin hunter in Futo, just like his father and grandfather. However, he had stopped hunting for dolphins in 1997 and started a dolphin watching eco tour business in 2002. He had vowed never to kill any dolphin and will inspire others to follow him and protect dolphins.

As compared to dolphin hunting, dolphin (and whale) watching eco tour can bring much more income to the people, not just the fishermen, but also the hotels, restaurants, gift shops, etc in the area. Of course, change is never an easy task, especially people are taking it as a culture, a tradition that had lasted for centuries. However, Izumi Ishii-san thinks otherwise...

A quote of his interview:
"he says that culture is created by the people – people living in that era… So we, the “younger” people of this era can create a new culture where hunting for dolphins & whales is no longer acceptable, where keeping large marine mammals & fish (whale sharks) is not acceptable, where eating sharks & shark’s fin is also unacceptable. Guess we have to start somewhere! Conservation of tigers, rhinos & such didn’t just happened, come with the years of struggle & hard work of many conservationists/ scientists etc. Let’s do it!"

If you are in Japan or going to Japan for a holiday, please do support Izumi Ishii-san's dolphin & whale watching eco tour. Futo is about 2 to 2.5 hours train ride from Tokyo. Please visit his website to find out more.

Just like many businesses in Japan, Izumi Ishii-san's business is affected by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami disaster. There is a fundraising project to help Izumi Ishii-san by producing and selling his designs on t-shirts and hats and donating all profits directly to Izumi Ishii-san. Please refer to the facebook campaign page:
Please Support Izumi Ishii-san's Wild Dolphin Eco Tourism in Japan to find out more. You may view and purchase the "We Are Free " t-shirts and hats from the facebook page or webstore.

Thank you very much, Izumi Ishii-san! You are one great dolphin saviour! I hope you will continue to inspire many other people (especially dolphin hunters), not only in Futo but also other parts of Japan (especially in Taiji), as well as the rest of the world. The ocean is a better place because of you.

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09 September 2011

Dolphins Are Friends, Not Pest!

It sadden me when human feel that it is the dolphins that are causing the decline in fish population. Somehow human just do not realise (or they refused to admit) that it is human who are "stealing" food from dolphins! Pollution, over-fishing and climate change (increase in sea tempature) caused by human, are the very reasons for declining of fish catches. Please do not use the excuse like "dolphins are pests", "dolphins are eating too much fishes in the ocean", just to justify that it is alright to hunt for dolphins! It is not alright at all. Dolphins are definitely not pests! Human must be educated and be aware that dolphins are very important to the human race as they play a very essential role in balancing the ecosystems. We human must learn to live alongside with the dolphins, peacefully...

Refer to the article: "Fishermen blame dolphins for declining fish catches"